Wednesday, July 06, 2005

First day of school

Waaaaah! Mah bay-beee!

Rugrat started first grade this morning. Yes, in July (year round school here, yanno). It's such a huge milestone. He's just not a baby anymore - he's a kid.

I am a bit peeved at the school though. I didn't receive any sort of informational packet at all - like, school start/end times (wouldn't that be sort of good to know?). I called the daycare program yesterday and spoke to them about an unrelated matter & found out that school starts at 8 AM, but still! You'd think that new families should get some sort of flyer or something in the mail. Apparently school lets out early on Wednesdays - how would I have known that? I still don't know what time school lets out on normal days. And the morning drop-off process? The kids all line up behind their classroom numbers (which are in no particular order that I can tell) and the teachers come & get them. And I'd know I mean, I figured it out when we got there and all the kids were lining up, but...come on. Just a one-page letter to new families would have removed an awful lot of anxiety and confusion.

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