Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Really really funny

This really is the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Cancel. The. Account.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Growing Up

Sometimes I forget that Rugrat is still just a little kid, and then all of the sudden he'll mispronounce something or use a word incorrectly. For instance, he was talking about something the other day and mentioned that it was made out of "concreek". "Concreek?" I asked. "Yes, like the backyard," he replied. "Oh, you mean concrete, as in 'our patio is made of concrete'." He insisted that the word was "concreeeeeek." He gets so offended when I correct him. It's as if I'm personally attacking his intelligence. Honestly, though, I'm just relieved to occasionally have a reminder that he's still young.

It's like his teeth. He's 7 1/2 now, and has only lost two bottom front teeth. None of the top ones are gone yet - they're barely even wiggly. Part of me longs for him to lose the top teeth and see how he's going to look with a full set of adult chompers...but the other part of me is so happy to just have my boy be a baby for a bit longer.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Guess I know why he's single

OK, I know why my date from Friday is 32 and still single. He's an asshole. A hard-drinkin' asshole. The date started out fine - a couple of beers and dinner at Pyramid. Then we went to play pool. And he just kept up with the drinking. And trying to pressure me to come home with him. And grabbing my ass. And giving everyone "constructive criticism" - including me, for my poor pool-playing skillz, and the BOUNCER, for god's sake, for actually having the temerity to ask people for their ID when they came in. Then we went to Nation's for some late night fries & a soda (I wanted more food in my belly before the drive home, after having those 2 beers plus a shot of tequila at the bar). Yes, the staff at Nation's was being weird, calling numbers all out of order and for some reason not making fries at an adequate rate. But is that a good reason for him to JUMP UP AND START YELLING AT THEM??? I think not.

So, more dates with this guy.

And by the way, when I left at 1 AM to head home, where did he go? To nearby Farringdon's - for another drink. Good lord.

Friday, July 07, 2006

What can you say about a month?

Goodness, it's been a while since I last updated. Last weekend, over the 4th, Rugrat and I went to Santa Cruz to visit some old friends of mine (and their little rugrats), and to frolic on the beach and play at the boardwalk. It was fun, but I always seem to be so exhausted by the end of these little solo trips with Rugrat. There's just no break at all from the constant chatter. And of COURSE I got a sunburn. A real good one. Even after spraying on the magical Neutrogena SPF 45. Dammit!

The party jinx is still in effect, I see. The June book club meeting consisted of me and one other person -- not the same person as last time, but I think she may have had her baby, so I won't hold it against her. ;-) But this time I got smart and the book club meeting was held at Panera, a bakery/coffee shop nearby. So I didn't spend oodles of time cooking/cleaning/etc.

Father's day was nice, although Babydaddy was a no-show since he was busy unpacking (or at least that was his excuse). My father & stepmom came, however, and we pigged out (no pun intended) on pork tenderloin with chipotle sauce, fresh green beans, cheese & crackers, spinach/artichoke dip, vanilla ice cream with macerated berries, and plenty of wine & beer.

I got the most bitchin' cell phone. Yeah, I said it. Bitchin'. You wanna make somethin' of it? Heh. Anyway, it's a Motorola Razr. This is the first time I've ever paid money for a cell phone, y'all. I have always, in the past, gotten the "free" one that was available through my phone company. So I ran right out and bought a Bluetooth USB plugin thingy, and when the phone came (joy!) I uploaded my own ringtones, that I created using my MP3s and free Audacity software. Man, that's good stuff. My default cell phone ring is now the theme song to Kim Possible. Yes, the cartoon. Yes, I'm a dork. No, I don't care if you laugh at me.

And tonight I have a date! I actually have two guys in the works. One is a pipe layer (that is just MADE for jokes, y'all) that I'm kind of meh about, and the other one (the one I'm seeing tonight) is in the remodeling/construction biz and is very cute, just my age, and a book geek. Cross your fingers for me! It's about time the boyfriend drought ended.