Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Babydaddy is slacking. His brother has sold the house, although it hasn't closed escrow yet, and Babydaddy needs to be out as soon as they sign the papers. Brother has already rented a house and moved in. Babydaddy? Has not found a place yet, although he's been looking for a month. WTF? And now he's living in this empty house, with NO washer/dryer and NO refrigerator. So he just wants me to pick up Rugrat all the time at school and bring him home with me, I mean, I don't want to make Rugrat suffer for his daddy's sloth, but damn, Babydaddy needs to get off his ass and get things done. No REFRIGERATOR, for fuck's sake. Jesus.

And where is he moving to? WC, which is a 30 minute drive. And when he finally finds a place and moves there, he's decided that it would be ever so much easier if I kept Rugrat every day during the week and he just had him every other weekend. And maybe he'd pick him up a couple times during the week and take him out to dinner so I could "have the evening off." And he thinks that this will be essentially the same as our current setup. Which? No. It is not. It means I am getting up early every single weekday to drop off Rugrat at school. It means I have to be at home every weeknight by 8:30, so that Rugrat can sleep here. It means I have to pack his lunch every morning, feed him breakfast, deal with all the dirty laundry and the bathtime and the book-reading before bed.

And what really really chaps my hide is this: I never wanted to move out here. I wanted to move closer to WC, back when I sold my townhouse three or four years ago. WC has better schools, nicer neighborhoods, great restaurants and bars, clubs, etc. Here? It is fucking suburban hell. Families everywhere, crappy chain restaurants, no single life, and now the fucking ghetto is taking over the city, with the Section 8 housing and the pissy fucking teenagers everywhere. But I moved out here. And why? Because Babydaddy moved out here, and it was going to be easier and better for Rugrat if we lived close together, what with school and daycare and all that. And now he's fucking deserting us and moving to WC, where I WANTED TO LIVE IN THE FIRST PLACE, and my house is losing value and the market is drying up and I am just sick to fucking death of this whole thing.

Goddammit. Fucking asshole.

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