Monday, July 10, 2006

Guess I know why he's single

OK, I know why my date from Friday is 32 and still single. He's an asshole. A hard-drinkin' asshole. The date started out fine - a couple of beers and dinner at Pyramid. Then we went to play pool. And he just kept up with the drinking. And trying to pressure me to come home with him. And grabbing my ass. And giving everyone "constructive criticism" - including me, for my poor pool-playing skillz, and the BOUNCER, for god's sake, for actually having the temerity to ask people for their ID when they came in. Then we went to Nation's for some late night fries & a soda (I wanted more food in my belly before the drive home, after having those 2 beers plus a shot of tequila at the bar). Yes, the staff at Nation's was being weird, calling numbers all out of order and for some reason not making fries at an adequate rate. But is that a good reason for him to JUMP UP AND START YELLING AT THEM??? I think not.

So, more dates with this guy.

And by the way, when I left at 1 AM to head home, where did he go? To nearby Farringdon's - for another drink. Good lord.

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Lost Angel said...

Wow, sounds like a keeper that one. Isn't a date about both people having fun? Maybe he needs Idiot's Guide To Dating.