Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Miracle Worker

Yesterday I got a haircut with K's hairdresser, J. I have been going to JW for a couple of years now (and was quite happy with her), but one night a couple of months ago I got totally frustrated with my newly short hair and could not do a freaking thing with it. I was at K's house, and J was there with his wife as we were all going out to celebrate something or other. Anyhoo, J styled my hair and made it look darn good, so I swore that he would be getting a visit from me the next time I needed my hair cut.

I sit down in the chair with my hair all up in the clippy thing and proceed to tell him that I don't really want it any shorter, because I like it better long, but SOMETHING has to change because I hate the current haircut and I get these weird lanky bits in the front that don't do anything. An hour later, I walked out of the salon looking like a freaking goddess, because J is a TOTAL FUCKING ROCKSTAR. My hair looks SO good. And just like that, I've found my new hairstylist. I don't even care that the salon is half an hour away in WC.

Also last night, I met up with D, the guy I hadn't seen in ten years. It was great - we met up at the Cantina for Taco Tuesday, had a couple of drinks, a couple of tacos, and talked nonstop for almost four hours. He was just as I remembered him - except that he's shaved his head! It was quite a change, but it looks good on him.

Mom came to visit last weekend and we had a lovely time. Saturday we went grocery shopping and I made her the fabulous Yum Yum Chicken Enchilada Casserole (which I am getting pretty darn sick of now, heh). Aunt L came over to visit in the afternoon, and then the next day, Sunday, we went to the movies (Bridge to Terabithia - sob!) and then to Aunt L's for dinner. My cousin K was there with her boyfriend as well, so we all had a nice visit. Then on Monday (President's Day holiday) I dropped Rugrat off at daycare in the morning so Mom & I went to the gym and then to the salon for pedicures. And then, unfortunately, it was time to take her to the airport. As usual, the visit was too short. :( But it was nice while it lasted.

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