Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm sorry, what??

"[So and so] [did something] propissively."

Me: Huh? WTF is propissively? Is that like permissively? Propitiously?

Turns out: "on purpose." The word you're looking for there is "purposely." Or "purposefully." I know I am a total fucking English grammar nazi, but...propissively?? And he uses it All. The. Time.

Help. How do I gently, non-confrontationally, non-aggressively tell my significant other that he is regularly using a "word" that doesn't actually exist in the English language?

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KnittyBitch said...

some days, it is easier to let them use their own language...believe me, I have long since given up this battle with mine...even after being corrected (alcohol will assist you in overcoming the "will he get upset" factor), he still uses non-existent words.