Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shuffly goodness

Mr Wonderful got me a fabulous new iPod shuffle for Christmas. One that holds a whole gigabyte of data, which translates to 238 songs, or over 15 hours. FIFTEEN HOURS of music, y'all. On this little bitty metallic green thing the size of a postage stamp! I really love technology. And also? The new shuffle works great because I haven't spilled any meat juice on it (yet). So it actually, you know, shuffles the songs instead of just playing the same ten over and over until I want to scream.

Note to self: do not set down the cutting board with meat fresh from the oven on top of the new shuffle. You will regret it.

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Laura said...

Sweet on the iPod! I got an 8 gig nano from my husband at Christmas. It's got 700 songs on it so far and I have tons of room left. I have also learned that cooking and listening to iPod is a recipe for disaster (oh! bad puns everywhere, sorry).

P.S. In case you're wondering, it's LauraFriend here from the RT boards. :)