Monday, November 03, 2008

Off topic: Prop 8

I have temporarily disabled Google Adsense on my blogs because I learned that they are running "Yes on Prop 8" ads in California. I do not know if this ad displayed on my blog in the past weeks, but if it did, please let me assure you: I am NOT in favor of Prop 8. I do not support discrimination in any form.

Be sure to vote tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You would be in favor of polygomy if they are all consenting adults? Or a man marrying his daughter once she turned 18 and was an adult? What about first cousins?

My point is that we all do have an ethical standard though we pretend we don't and we all do "discriminate" according to our own internal ethical standard. Everyone believes that there is some forms of right and wrong and fair and unfair. I acknowledge your right to your beliefs but to imply that those who supported a proposition are not in turn entitled to their beliefs is inherently hypocritical.

Snarkmeister said...

Actually, I have no problem with polygamy, when it is between CONSENTING ADULTS. As long as everyone knows what they're getting into and is OK with it, I don't see a problem.

I don't have a problem with cousins marrying either. Their families might take issue with it, though, and they would most likely be ostracized for their decision. This isn't a judgment on my part; I'm just pointing out that if they're prepared to face that kind of flak from their families and community, they must feel very strongly that they belong together to fly in the face of all that disapproval.

Incest is another issue entirely, and if a man is marrying his daughter when she turns 18, there's probably been some serious emotional if not sexual abuse going on in that house.

I never said that people weren't entitled to their beliefs. MY belief, though, is that Proposition 8 is discriminatory, illogical, and cruel. And because I did not want my readers to think that I approved of the "Yes on 8" propaganda, I took steps to ensure that it would not appear on my website. How is that equivalent to saying people are not entitled to have their own opinion?