Monday, April 27, 2009

The final countdown

We're in the home stretch...and we now have about a hundred people coming! Oh. My. God. And is predicting rain on my wedding day. One hundred people standing around in the rain. Great.

Guess what I did last week? I caved. I bought a veil. I was absolutely positive that I did not want a veil but then I changed my mind and bought a veil from a very nice seller on Etsy. So I'll look like a very traditional bride with my flowy white veil, my hair in an updo, my big white dress, and my white bouquet of tulips. I'm even wearing pearls. Can't get much more traditional than pearls on your wedding day.

Final to-do's include:
  • finish up the shawl
  • practice dancing! (He's great, but I suck.)
  • make, frost & decorate the cupcakes on Thursday & Friday
  • finalize wedding ceremony details with officiant (tonight)
  • clean the house! (We've got family coming into town on Thursday, including my future MIL, so the house has to look good.)
  • get nails done on Friday afternoon
  • pick Sister & baby nephew up at the airport on Friday night
  • pick up last minute items: more bottled water, plates & silverware (plenty of napkins & cups, I think), special cupcake ingredients, burger & hot dog condiments (tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cheese - already have mustard, ketchup & relish)
In fact, what the heck am I doing blogging? I need to finish up that shawl post-haste!

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