Monday, January 15, 2007


The lockout karma is apparently still in full effect. I went out back this morning to have a smoke, and *somehow* the sliding glass door LOCKED behind me! How do I get into these situations? I was still in my jammies and robe (actually robeS, plural, for warmth) and had to go next door to the neighbor's to borrow a cheap butter knife. I managed to pry the damn door back open but this is seriously ridiculous, y'all. I couldn't use my hidden spare key because I have one of those slide-bar lock thingys on the front door (that I lock before going to bed) so there was NO other way to get back in the house except through that f'ing back door.

In other news - New Year's was meh, but I did manage to get myself laid at just about exactly the one-year mark (two days before New Year's). I basically set out to have meaningless sex simply to break my unending dry streak, and achieved exactly that: meaningless sex. Not great sex, but hey, it served the purpose. I couldn't leave 2006 without having sex at least once. It's just...unnatural. Mom asked me the other day when I'm going to have another kid. Ha ha, Mom. First I have to find someone I like, then I have to actually sleep with him. These days that's a herculean task in and of itself. So I'm pretty sure my childbearing time is far, far behind me.

On the plus side? 24 last night rocked. I was waiting for Jack Bauer to mention "fava beans and a nice Chianti." Yay for the new season of fabulous no-repeat TV!

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