Friday, July 13, 2007


Last night Mr Wonderful came over after a long day of sailing (and getting dumped in the bay when the boat capsized, hee hee) and said to me, "I was talking to my mom today, and she thinks you should come to P--- S------ in August when [Tomboy] and I go." Jigga-wha?? Furthermore, he told me she said, "You have her blessing." Wow. I've never even talked to her but apparently he must say really good things about me, because she is already asking him when we're going to get married and give her a grandson. Thankfully he set her straight on that count; there's no way either of us want to have another child.

But back to the point...I would love nothing more than to meet his mother. Really. She sounds like someone I'd get along with very well. I'm just not sure that it would be fair to Tomboy for us to tag along on this trip; Tomboy has met me (and Rugrat) exactly once. And Rugrat would be coming too - which is another consideration altogether, what with his picky eating and his temperamental thing. She doesn't know either of us that well, and to spend almost a week together, 24-7, might be a bit overwhelming. I don't want her to feel like we're horning in on her vacation time with her dad and her grandparents. She's already missed quite a bit of her time with her dad this summer, and I'm about to drag him off to Portland on one of his scheduled weekends with her. She seems very content to roll with things as they come, but I really don't want to push it. Anyway, I voiced my concerns with Mr Wonderful and said I didn't think it was a good idea....but then I couldn't think about anything else last night and had a really hard time falling asleep. Because: dude! He wants me to come meet his mom! Why am I saying no?? And I really do want to meet her.

So this morning I told him that I do want to come to PS, and he said that he'd talk to Tomboy about it and see how she felt. She might be fine with it, who knows? But even if it doesn't work out for us to come on this trip, Mr Wonderful said that we could take a couple of days off and drive down there for a long weekend, just the two of us, maybe in the winter when the weather is nicer.

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