Monday, May 05, 2008


Mr Wonderful has made friends with the neighbors. You know, the ones who nearly drove me outta my skull with the Goddamned Rooster™ last spring? Well, Mr Wonderful and Neighbor Guy have shared a couple of beers, and we've loaned him our BBQ, and he's let the kids hold his bunnies (this is not a euphemism; the guy has a couple of long-eared floppy rabbits as housepets). So I guess we're sorta friends now. And recently Neighbor Guy brought home a newborn lamb whose mommy had died during or shortly after the birth. Awww! Lambikins! Anyway, this sparked a conversation between Mr Wonderful and Neighbor Guy, about all the animals they have at their house, and apparently, Neighbor Guy has a ranch. And the Goddamned Rooster™? Was a fighting rooster (hah! I thought so!!) worth $25,000. Totally illegal. But as long as it's not in their backyard anymore, driving me completely bonkers? Not. My. Problem.

I'm just happy not to have to hear the thing crow all friggin' day anymore.

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Anonymous said...

I learned a little about fighting roosters while I was in Hawaii. The odd thing is - at least there - its NOT illegal to own them, or raise them. Its just illegal to FIGHT them.

I know - gotta love the logic of that one.