Monday, December 08, 2008


Stupid PMS. I get hit pretty hard with it about every three months or so. This was apparently my month to come up against it hard, and of course it hit just as I was coming home from visiting my sister and her brand new baby (born last Tuesday!). I was there Wednesday - Sunday, helping out while she was supposedly resting and recovering from pre-eclampsia and giving birth. I say supposedly, because she didn't do near enough resting. She took only one nap! Sheesh. Anyway, so I came home last night and when we went to bed, I completely melted down. Sobbing my eyes out over the baby. I miss him so much! But I don't WANT another baby! But it didn't stop me from crying like a brokenhearted teenage girl who just got dissed by her first major crush. I cried so hard I looked like a puffer fish, and I had to take Afrin so I could breathe through my nose again and go to sleep.

Mr Wonderful is a SAINT to put up with me, I swear.

But damn, that baby was cute. I got used to hearing his little mewling cries and changing his poopy diapers and having him fall asleep on my chest, feeling his little warm body snuggled up against my heart. Doesn't mean I want another baby, though, Mom. I just need to borrow other peoples' babies occasionally.

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