Monday, August 06, 2007

Stressful week

Life has been so hectic the last few days. Thursday Mr Wonderful came out and I had errands to run (Target for last-minute stuff for Rugrat's summer camp trip, the library to drop off books that were due that day), PLUS I had to work late because I took time off to deal with an allergy attack/Benadryl coma. Friday was insane. My dad & stepmom decided to move their visit up a day, and Mr Wonderful bought a new (to him) motorcycle. I had to run him out to look at/test drive the bike (only a few minutes away), and then of course I didn't get the grocery shopping done on my lunch hour, like I'd planned. They picked up Rugrat from daycare on their way out here, which was great, but they got here shortly before 5 pm and so I didn't get to the store before they got here either. So after the 'rents arrived with Rugrat, I took dad with me to the grocery store, and then we came back and devoured an entire batch of Shrimp and Orzo Salad (I added a few chopped Kalamata olives this time, and it was a good addition), had a few beers and a few glasses of scotch and they got to know Mr Wonderful a bit. I think it went well. Not that I was worried or anything. ;-)

Saturday, I got up early with Mr Wonderful and sent him off to work on his new bike, as he was planning to take it to the Suzuki dealership after work to have it checked out. I went back to bed for a few hours, then got up and Rugrat and I packed his stuff for summer camp (or at least most of it). Then we headed out to L for lunch and wine tasting with the parents. We got in a few nice hours together (and Rugrat was extremely well-behaved, for him), and I walked away with half a case of various red wines. Yum. Then I got a call from Mr Wonderful: the new bike got a pretty bad report from the dealership and was deemed unsafe to ride, so I packed up the Rugrat and we headed out to pick him up, about forty minutes away. Mr Wonderful and I decided that even with the repairs, the bike was still going to be a solid purchase, so we left it at the dealership to have the work done, and I brought Mr Wonderful back to his house to pick up his car. He had to work early the next morning, so he absolutely had to have his car. He decided to stay behind for a few minutes, to check on the pets and stuff, and Rugrat and I headed back home, finally. On the way, we saw the beginnings of a wildfire along the side of the road, and I called Mr Wonderful to warn him about it - the fire trucks weren't even there yet, and I wasn't sure how far he was behind me. Well, Rugrat and I saw the fire trucks only moments later, heading for the blaze. And it turns out that they shut down the road, and the fire got REALLY big (I drove past the area again this morning and several hills got charred), so Mr Wonderful ended up having to turn around and take the long way to my house. It was a mess, and we were both exhausted by the time we got into bed.

Yesterday morning I sent Mr Wonderful off to work again with a sandwich and a kiss, then went back to bed for a couple of hours. Rugrat and I finished the last of the packing and a final load of laundry, then jumped in the car with a sandwich and some drinks for the ride. Two and a half hours later, we pulled into the camp, and oh my goodness, this place was FANTASTIC. It was a wonderful choice for Rugrat's first sleep-away camp experience. It was huge, with probably a dozen different cabins, each one holding a dozen campers plus counselors. There was a full size built-in swimming pool, a bunch of different buildings for different activities (including a big dining hall, and a nearby bathroom with showers), and huge stands of redwoods everywhere. Rugrat was the first camper at his cabin, so he got the first choice of beds, and he was so excited to be there. In fact, when I left, he could barely bring himself to say goodbye and give me a kiss; he was too busy asking the counselors questions about "super hero week" (the theme for this week) and thinking of what his super hero name would be.

On my way back, after dropping Rugrat off, I called Mr Wonderful and it turns out that my timing was perfect; if I drove up to the hospital to meet him, he'd be getting off work right when I arrived. So I drove up there, we met and had some horrible (but delicious) Taco Bell, because I was absolutely starving, and then we headed back to his house. He hadn't been home to sleep in three or four days, so the cat was grumpy with him. Mr Wonderful decided he wanted to go see the Harry Potter movie, so we took a quick shower and headed out to grab a beer and then see the movie.

So...that's the last few days of my life, in a nutshell. It's been a lot of driving (I burned through an entire tank of gas in two days!) and some drama, but nothing we couldn't handle. I'm thrilled that Rugrat was so excited about camp; I was a little worried that he might kind of freak out a bit when I dropped him off, but he couldn't have cared less. It's also a weird being out of touch with him completely for five days; I can email him (and he'll write letters, hopefully), but I can't just call and find out how his day went, like I do when he's with Babydaddy. I know he's having a great time though, and I'm excited to hear all about it when I pick him up on Friday.

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