Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I hate Amazon's free shipping

I don't know why I always use it. Oh wait, yes I do, because it's FREE!

But it pisses me off. The original estimate said my items would be shipped on the 13th. Not the expected delivery date, you understand, but the date that it leaves Amazon's warehouse.

Well, it's the 15th, and the damn thing still says "Shipping Soon". I placed my order a full week ago. It doesn't take a full freakin' week to throw four items in a box and send it on its way. Really. I mean, I understand that my shipment is low priority (since I'm not paying shipping costs) but still! I've been a loyal Amazon shopper since 2000. Send the fucking stuff already! I want my new digital camera before it becomes obsolete. And I am really, desperately in need of that USB printer cord. My new laptop doesn't work with the serial printer cable. Throw me a bone here, Amazon folks. Just throw the crap in a box and send it out.

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