Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This weekend...

I went out with my friends Saturday night. First we had dinner & drinks at one restaurant, where we sat next to two very good-looking men who were with a cute blond girl. We couldn't figure out which one of the guys was with the girl (therefore leaving the odd man out for one of us!). Then we went to another restaurant and had dessert & drinks (drinks on the house, as it was late & empty, and we're kind of regulars there). Then we went dancing...and who should we run into but the two hot guys & cute blond girl (along with several more of their friends)! Turns out, the two hot guys are just FRIENDS with the cute blond girl. So we flirted, danced, etc...and on the way out I gave my card to one of the guys and told him he could email me.

So yesterday, Monday (note: less than standard "three day rule"), the hot guy called me. Only problem: the number on the card is the office phone number, and I work from home. Which is why I told him to email me. Ah well, blame it on the drinks. So he called, and I get this very *surprised* IM and email from E at work: "[Hot Guy] called for you! His number is XXX-XXX-XXXX; he says he talked to you Saturday night." So then I had this barrage of IM's from work folks wanting to know about who called me. Oy.

Anyway, I called him back and we chatted for a few minutes. Just the right amount of time - no uncomfortable silences, no stupid foot-in-mouth moments. I learned that he's a high school history teacher, and is trying to find ways to keep busy during his summer vacation. He used to work at the high school near my home, but moved out to WC and is working in the next town over. I told him about the rugrat, and he didn't seem put off. He invited me out for dinner and we discussed mutually convenient times to do that...Anyway, long story short, we are going out next week[end] and will be chatting on the phone in the interim, to make firm plans and...well...chat. ;-) So far I'm not getting my hopes too high but he seems like a very nice guy and he is just smokin' hot.

Keeping my fingers crossed....

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