Monday, June 27, 2005

That was a date?

OK, so the guy, D, finally called (a couple hours after my "Men" post, actually). He still couldn't make a freakin' decision and basically had me hanging on until Friday night, when he finally managed to get his shit together and pick a place/time.

We met at Havana, along with his cousin, cousin's gf, and gf's friend. AND he was 20 minutes late. This is a first date?? Um, OK.

I had already eaten, so I just hung out & chatted with everyone while they ate. Cousin's gf's friend (V) was very nice & we had quite a bit in common so we chatted for a while. D basically ignored me. Well, didn't *ignore* me, so much as didn't really treat me any different than the other folks we were with. Again, I ask you: is this a date??

After dinner we went over to Groove (I keep wanting to call it Echo) and, thanks to cousin's gf, got in for free since she knows the lady who collects the cover charge. Inside, it was pretty crowded, and we all went to the bar for a drink. I was definitely done drinking, after two lemon drops, but everyone else got beers. V & I danced for a bit, but D? Again, not interested. Wouldn't dance, didn't seem to want to talk to me. He ended up spending a good half hour to an hour talking to some blonde. What an ass. I'm not a particularly jealous person, but seriously! On a first date??? It was just rude.

We stayed until they closed Groove, and then outside we got ready to leave. D? Gave me a halfhearted hug. No offers to walk me to my car. No attempt at a goodnight kiss. Not even a promise to call (even if he didn't mean it). What an ass.

V & I went to Hubcaps, because she was definitely too drunk to drive. I was exhausted but I made sure she got some food in her belly and sobered up a bit before I would let her drive. While we were there, we got picked up on by a couple of guys (one of whom was totally hammered, and basically snuck out after saying he was going to the bathroom - I don't know if he was sick or what). The other guy, S, was this hot black guy from New Orleans, and he got my number. We were supposed to go to the movies on Saturday night but I basically flaked on him. I went out to Livermore to see Dad & he called while we were at BevMo. I didn't have his number with me (and it didn't show up on caller ID on my cell) so I couldn't call him back then. And later that night I went out with K & M. We were going to a party in Lafayette, but it was dead so we didn't even go in. Instead we went to Ruth's Chris, had a drink, and then went next door to Tiki Tom's. TT's was loads of fun - one of K's clients (T) was there with a group of people who included J, the old bartender from Twist. We had more drinks & ended up going back to T's friend's house with the group for a little while. M apparently was very unhappy because she & T had hated each other in high school. High school! For God's sake, it was like a dozen years ago! Get over it. People change. Anyway, I had a blast and gave out my number to a few people. We'll see what happens with that.

But tomorrow, I'm off to DC for a conference. I swear, if I don't get laid out there, K will never talk to me again. ;-) It's been almost a year now, and she's sick of hearing me bitch about it, LOL.

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