Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I have nothing against gay guys, but...

I don't want to date them. Seriously, I don't. Yes, it may seem that every guy I'm hot for ends up being gay, but it's not on PURPOSE.

I met a guy on Friday night when I was out with the girls. He seemed nice enough; he's in the IT field, which means we had something in common. He's Italian (looks a lot like a young DeNiro, actually), right age range, a few inches taller than me, nice bod. It's all good, right? So we went out on Sunday night to dinner. Nice dinner, great food, he definitely dropped some cash on the meal, etc. Afterwards we walked around downtown WC (it was late, everything was closed). We talked quite a bit about home decor, since we're both kind of into that. And he pointed out some great stores I hadn't noticed before (I had no clue there was a high-end store selling Jimmy Choo shoes in downtown WC). We were VERY comfortable with each other, and found lots to talk about...and yet, he seemed very preoccupied with making sure that people didn't think he was gay. I suggested going to a certain fabric store & having a pillow custom-made for his extra-deep couch, and he said he didn't want to go in to the store by himself because people might think he was gay. That sort of thing came up over & over in the course of the evening.

So, at the end of the night, he walks me back to my car & we say our goodbyes. He kissed me: once, twice, three times...and each time, it was like kissing a family member. Not at all like kissing a DATE. No tongue, for one thing. No passion AT ALL, for another. It was just...meh.

He is so, so gay. Shit.

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