Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Just shut the fuck up, part 2

This one is aimed at C's hubby (Rugrat's uncle). Oh, and C herself. Because I am fucking pissed at the way she dragged me into her shit and I'm pissed at him for putting me on the spot.

Here's how it all went down: remember the night a couple weeks ago when C & I went out? Well she had told her hubby that she was going out with people from work. Why? I don't know. She seemed to think that he would be more "OK" with her going out with them, than with me. Whatever. But then she got trashed. And, since I was the designated driver for the evening, I had to drive her home. Which is fine. But she left her car at my house and then had to come back early the next morning to get it because she had an appt for something (I forget what). So her hubby had to drive her to MY house to get her car. Which looked kind of fishy, since the original story was that she went out with work peeps & then "ran into" me in WC.

So, fast-forward to this weekend. C has told her hubby that she wants a separation. Hubby goes out with his brothers, gets all riled up about shit. C has gone to Oregon to visit her brother & "clear her head." Whatever. C's hubby calls me like four times in the space of a half hour on Saturday morning. I finally give up on the whole "sleep a little longer" thing and pick up the phone. And there he is, asking me what exactly went down when C & I went out that one night. He wants to know if it was planned between the two of us in advance. He says he has phone records, blah blah blah. He wants me to tell him the truth, because his wife obviously is lying to him, blah blah blah bitchcakes. He says he wants to know so that he can decide how to proceed with the whole separation thing, because he thinks she's just stringing him along and she's not really working on saving their marriage. I told him I did not want to be involved, that it was their problem and they needed to work it out themselves. And he started getting upset, saying that I *was* involved because my rugrat is their kids' cousin. I said yes, I am a part of your (collective) lives, but that doesn't mean I'm involved in your marital problems. He starts badgering me some more, and I said that we did talk beforehand about possibly meeting up in WC, because we were both going to be there. And he just jumped all over that: "Well then how did her car get to your house, huh??" I didn't say a word. He starts freaking out, asking me if she's "doing something she shouldn't be" and I'm like, "No! Look, chill out..." and he says, "Are you telling me to chill out?" and that's when it really started getting uncomfortable. So I told him that I wasn't going to put up with him talking to me that way, that I wasn't a child, and that the conversation was over. And then I hung up.

So now, I am like the world's biggest bitch because I wouldn't give him ammunition for his next fight with C? Dude, fight your own fucking battles. Don't pull me into this shit. I don't need the aggravation. And seriously, if you think your wife is lying to you, and you don't trust her to tell you the truth? If you believe she might be screwing around on you? What could I possibly fucking say that would make you feel better?

And fuck C for asking me to lie for her in the first place. Dammit, that shit is NOT cool. I can't always be remembering her latest fucking fairy tale.

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