Thursday, September 08, 2005

My garage door opener is POSSESSED!

Holy crap! My garage door opener just went batshit. I was upstairs, working in the office and I heard the door open, and thought that Babydaddy had come over with his nephew to mow my lawn. But then I heard the door shut...and nobody came to the front door. And then the garage door opened AGAIN...and shut AGAIN. Finally after about 3 full cycles I went down to find out what was going on and walked into my garage and saw the garage door by itself. And then it shut partway, and then it opened partway...and then it shut. I tried punching the button on the wall and it didn't seem to do anything. But then a few seconds later it opened again. The HELL????

So I placed this panicked call to my home warranty company and they are sending out an emergency technician to look at it tonight. Man, this is freaky as hell, though!

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