Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jury Duty. Fuck.

Went for jury duty today. I was highly tempted to bum a cigarette from someone but I resisted. Nearly two weeks now without nicotine.

Anyhoo, I didn't get selected for the jury. That's cool. But after the jury panel and an alternate had been selected, the goddamn judge went into this lame-ass five minute fucking monologue about how fantastic jury duty is and how we should all be thrilled that we got to waste a fucking day. Seriously. If he wanted to deliver a sermon on the glories of the justice system, couldn't he have done it when we first got there, instead of waiting until we're all just fucking DYING to run out the door?


Oh, and I totally f'ed up my alarm clock. Last night I set it to go off a half hour early so I'd have a chance to blow dry my hair & look halfway decent (in the hopes that I'd get out of the courthouse early enough to swing by DMV and rectify that hideous mess they call my driver's license photo). Anyway...somehow I set the CLOCK an hour ahead. So this morning, I wake up, clock says 6:30, I drag my really fucking tired ass out of bed, pop in my lenses, brush my teeth, and hop in the shower. I get out of the shower thinking, "Damn, it's still awfully dark outside. Shouldn't the sun have come up by now?" I blow dry my hair. I head downstairs to make coffee, and what do I see? Yeah, it's now six AM. Not seven, like it says on my alarm clock. Six. I wrenched my butt outta bed at 5:30 in the goddamn morning? And now, of course, I'm totally awake, and it would be useless to try to go to sleep for an hour (plus I'd probably crease my hair all funky). Damn. So I folded clean laundry & watched reruns of That 70's Show on TiVo. *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, I registered to vote like two weeks ago and I just got one. My parents haven't ever gotten one! I don't know what to expect but all I can say is I can't afford to miss my classes for more than a day. If I get chosen to be on the jury I will freak.