Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Quit v.2005 update

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 16 hours, 50 minutes and 3 seconds. I have saved $57.07 by not smoking 265 cigarettes. I have saved 22 hours and 5 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 8/7/2005 12:30 AM

Except for that one smoke I had laaaaate Saturday night after that bottle & a half of wine. The one I was actually going to WALK to 7-11 for (yeah, at midnight. I was HAMMERED, y'all). K insisted on driving me there & back, which was awfully damn nice of her. K was over because we had girl's night "in" instead of "out" for a change...take-out pizza, wine, and DVDs. Anyhoo, K drove me down to 7-11 and I bought a pack. She dropped me back off at home, and went on her merry way. I lit up, smoked my smoke, and then somehow managed to watch half of Sense & Sensibility before passing out. The next morning I awoke, thoroughly disgusted with my lack will power under the influence of copious amounts of drink. I threw away the pack (yay!) and the lighter (YAY!). I drank a ton of water. I went back to bed (YAY!!!!!).

Oh, and I *did* go out this weekend, with crazy C, my sort-of ex-sister-in-law. She was never really my SIL because rugrat's dad & I never actually got hitched, but she is practically my SIL anyway, so I usually just call her that for simplicity's sake. Anyhoo...we went out because she is all pissed at her hubby (my ex's brother). She's decided that she definitely wants to divorce him but she basically wants to have somebody lined up first. This is not how she says it, but it's basically what she means. I told her that's fucked up. Either leave him or don't, but don't play those stupid games.

So anyway, she said that night (Friday) that she wanted to flirt with someone. OK fine. Flirt away. But when I was ready (very, very ready) to leave at midnight, she did NOT want to go. We were out dancing at a club and I wasn't drinking (OK, I had one drink after dinner) in order to keep my will power & refrain from smoking. But still, at the club there's always people outside smoking, and I really really wanted one. So I was ready to go, or have a cigarette - one of the two. And I told her, "I'm leaving in five minutes. If you're not ready to go, you can find your own way home." Harsh, yes. But I'd been telling her for half an hour that I wanted to leave, and I was done. She pouted the whole way home because [**whine**] "I wanted to kiss someone!" The hell??? If you want to do it, just do it. Fer chrissakes, it's not like she didn't have ANY opportunities. Men were dancing with her. She didn't really want to just kiss someone. She wanted to meet her "soulmate" and fall in love so she could have an escape route when she left her hubby and her two kids.

So yesterday evening she calls me, and she's all, "How would you feel about renting out a room?" Um, no. For one thing, I would never, EVER live with her. For another, it's not like I have a whole lot of spare room here. It's a little three-bedroom house, and that third bedroom is my office, and it's jam-packed with books. Boxes & boxes of books. Not to mention spare computers and stuff.

So then she goes on & on about how her hubby will lie in divorce court about how much he makes, because he's been lying for years on his tax returns (he owns his own roofing company). And then she won't get any child support. And I'm like, what the hell? You have a job, woman. You guys are going to share custody of the kids, right? So if you are sharing custody, and you have a good-paying job, what the hell do you need his money for? I mean, yes, you will each pay half of the daycare & so on, but beyond that...what the fuck? And she tries to tell me that she should be able to keep the same level of lifestyle after the divorce. I cut her right off. Um, no. You don't get to keep the same lifestyle. You will be living in separate houses; it costs a lot more money to keep up two households than it does to keep up one. You will probably have to sell your new BMW and get something cheaper. You will not get to be a privileged little princess anymore.

But she was insistent that she should get some of his money because she "worked to support them while he built up his business." OK, I don't know where the hell she's getting this from, but I distinctly remember her quitting and getting fired from jobs several times over the years, and being out of work for quite a while, and he was supporting HER. And I also remember when she first moved in with him, when they were dating/engaged, and she refused to pay him any rent because she wasn't on his mortgage and she didn't think she should have to pay anything. And I ALSO remember that she is a fucking narcissistic whack-job who thinks the world should revolve around her and what she wants. That is all.

Woman is on crack, y'all. She is just...on crack.

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doni said...

Oh guuurrl...that is a WHATEVIA moment!

Love your What-wear. LOL