Friday, August 19, 2005

Oh. My. God.

GG!! The boy who was the focus of all my early high school fantasies! The boy I lost my virginity to (well, I didn't really lose it...more like I threw it at him)! He of the glorious dimples!

Well, GG is on myspace. And he is now one of my myspace friends. And we are conversing via email. And he is still in the state, actually within driving distance. Well, for a long weekend...not for an afternoon. But he would like to live closer...up here in the bay area, in fact. And he was actually up here last WEEK!! Last week, y'all! Why am I so jacked about this? For God's sake, I haven't seen the guy in probably 15 years...but he was my first love, for sure. In fact, I'd say he was my first obsession. And we are conversing via email! And I gave him my phone numbers and told him to call the next time he's up here! God, I'm so transparent. Will he think I'm a total stalker chick, after FIFTEEN YEARS? But he is SO nice in email...*sigh* I'm half in love with him again already.

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