Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In general...

Thought I'd catch y'all up on some general stuff:
  • The Goddamn Rooster™ is gone! I noticed a conspicuous absence of crowing about two weeks ago, but I didn't want to jump the gun. The neighbors could have just taken him on vacation or something. But I'm pretty sure he's really most sincerely gone now.
  • Rugrat is student of the month for June! He won this award for his "sense of humor and initiative." Whatever that means. Basically, I think he won for being the class clown.
  • Rugrat also got an award for perfect attendance during the entire school year. Pretty incredible. I don't think I've ever had perfect attendance for a year, either in school or at work.
  • Still not smoking! It's been two and a half months now, and I haven't had a single slip. I don't think about it much anymore, but occasionally I have a brief craving. It goes away in a minute if I ignore it.
  • I have the world's biggest freaking zit on my chin.

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