Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Meeting the family

Looks like Mr Wonderful will be meeting even more of my family in July. As I mentioned previously, we are headed up to Portland for the Oregon Brewers Fest (yay!) at the end of July, and also visiting my sister & her family at that time (especially since we'll be staying with them). Now it seems that Mr Wonderful will be meeting my dad & stepmom next month as well. I got an email from dad yesterday saying that they are planning on coming out for a visit next month, near the 20th. So poor Mr Wonderful will be put under scrutiny by about half the family within the span of about a week. Hey mom, do you & F want to come up for a visit next month too? We'll just get it all out of the way at once, shall we? ;-)

So now he's talking about having me meet his family...I will be driving *right by* his sister's house to get up to the campsite this weekend, and he mentioned that I could meet her & her family on the way back home, if I wanted. I kind of didn't respond to that, because I'm not sure if I want the first contact I have with his family to be while I'm grungy and greasy from camping for a couple of days with no shower. Talk about feeling at a disadvantage. And his sister is the one that I'm most intimidated about meeting, actually. I'm not sure why, but that's how I feel. Anyway...when I mentioned that my dad was coming to visit next month, Mr Wonderful started talking about taking me down to P--- S------ to meet his mom & stepdad. Which is a lovely idea, really it is. But I'm not sure if I'm ready to go to the desert again so soon. I just don't want to get sick again, dammit; I'm pretty gun-shy about the desert after my last trip out there.

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