Wednesday, June 27, 2007


OK, I'm just ever-so-slightly freaked out. Mr Wonderful is now officially off the radar, hiking around in the wilderness by himself with nothing but a backpack full of freeze-dried food and some very basic gear between him and the elements. I get that it's important to him to be able to do this - to get out of his head and into a very primal way of living, all man-vs-nature, yaaar, but it still kind of freaks me out. Because I love him like crazy and I would really, really hate it if something happened to him. And I would totally be the first one to figure out that something had happened to him, because nobody else is expecting to hear from him until Sunday, and I am driving up day after tomorrow to meet him at Gold Lake. But until that happens - until I see him at the campground, he's totally off the grid. As in, no cell phone access. And here I am, all hooked on him like fucking crack, what with the half-dozen or so daily phone calls we usually have. Including the one right before we go to bed, which is almost as good as actually being next to him in bed (or at least it's the closest facsimile we have, and we make the best of it). And now I am supposed to be completely out of contact with him for over 48 hours?

Friday can't come soon enough.

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