Monday, June 25, 2007


On Saturday, Rugrat and I went out on the Delta with my cousin K, my uncle J, and his friend M on J's speedboat. At the last minute I decided that I should've worn shorts instead of jeans, and I borrowed a pair from my aunt. But we left right after I changed into them, and I neglected to put sunscreen on my legs until we stopped to gas up the boat about an hour later...and by then the damage was done. My legs are FRIED, y'all. Absolutely lobster-red. I think I've just upped my skin cancer risk by about 1000 percent. Wow, is it painful. Yesterday I spent most of the day whimpering and moving as little as possible. Every time I stood up it felt like knives in my legs. Ouch.

On the plus side, we had a blast on the boat - Rugrat had a great time (and of course didn't get even remotely pink, because he's got quite a bit of Native American in him, or Spanish or Italian or whatever - he just browns easily - from both my side and his dad's side), and I had a wonderful time until I got off the boat and my sunburn started to really develop.

Mr Wonderful came over and spent the night last night; he's on vacation for the next week, that lucky dog. He's going up north of Tahoe, to go backpacking and get away from civilization for a while. I'm joining him up there on Friday, so we'll have a nice weekend up in the mountains together.

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