Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh. My. God.

D came over last night after dropping his daughter off at her mom's. We spent two hours making out, and I have never been so freaking horny in my whole entire life. I can think of nothing but his lips, tongue, hands...

Test results came in the mail this weekend, and I have the all-clear. Woohoo! Now just waiting on the diaphragm. D will have a whole weekend free in two weeks as his daughter is going to Disneyland, but I won't get the diaphragm until 2 days later. So...I'm thinking about the sponge. Anyone used it? All I know about it is from that one Seinfeld episode where Elaine hoards them and will only sleep with men that she deems "sponge-worthy."

Oh, and I packed up FOURTEEN boxes of books over the weekend! About 1200, boxed and scanned.

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