Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Resorting to bribery

Last night I bribed Babydaddy with meatloaf and smothered mushroom gravy. I made one of Rachael Ray's 30-minute meal recipes but sort of altered it, because I didn't want mashed cauliflower; instead we had roasted cauliflower with a little shaved asiago cheese. The little individual meatloaves were quite good - you cook them in a skillet instead of baking them, but I think they needed a little something extra. Babydaddy suggested throwing in a little horseradish next time, which sounds fantastic to me.

Anyhoo, I made him this special dinner and then hit him with my request - I want a night off each week. A real night off, where he takes Rugrat back to his house and I get the whole night to myself. I asked for Thursdays, but he pointed out that it's difficult when he's got Rugrat for the weekend, because it means he has to drop him off out here at school in the morning on Friday, go to work, and then get back out here in time to pick him up. It's just too much commuting, especially with the horrendous traffic we have out here. He suggested Tuesdays. We finally compromised: Thursdays one week, Tuesdays the next.

I haven't been horribly unhappy with the custody arrangement this past year, but now that I'm seeing D pretty regularly, it's disappointing to have to finish a date at 9:00 pm so I can get back home and let Babydaddy go home before it gets too late. And it also means that I am always going out to visit D, rather than him coming out here sometimes, because Babydaddy and Rugrat are here at the house so we'd have no privacy (and I'm not ready for D to meet Rugrat yet anyway). So...this will give me some more options, and Rugrat will get to spend some quality time with his dad, and I will get to sleep in an extra hour once a week. Nice!

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