Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Day 4

Feeling much better today. Last night D came over and I made a FANTASTIC dinner: chicken breasts (bone in, skin on) with a goat cheese/herb mixture under the skin (garlic, rosemary, lemon zest, parsley, a little olive oil), olive oil and salt & pepper on top. Roasted asparagus, with olive oil, salt & pepper. Couscous with green onion and currants. We demolished it all.

Then we watched American Idol (I know! He HATES Idol!) and went to to sleep pretty late though. ;-)

Today I woke up feeling much better (probably due to all the orgasms, LOL) and worked for a while this morning while he watched TV. Had a nooner (on the couch and then the stairs!!), then some lunch (and he watched AMC with me!), and he just left a little while ago. God, it is SO hot between us. I want him all the time, y'all.

He said he's falling for me.

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