Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm wondering: just how strange is it that I go on vacations with Rugrat and Babydaddy? I mean, I know it is extremely unusual for exes to do that, but is it completely incomprehensible? D and I had a post-coital conversation the other night that started out with the ever-so-popular theme, "Who was your first?" So of course I mentioned that I found my "first" on myspace a couple of years ago, and I told D about going to meet him for a drink in LA when I was down at Disneyland with Rugrat & Babydaddy. D kind of does a double-take: "Wait...you were at Disneyland with Babydaddy and you had a DATE with GG?" And I explained that we just went on a family vacation, but it's not like we were TOGETHER on the vacation, we were just sharing hotel costs & such.

And of course that just opened up a whole new can of worms. "You were sharing a hotel room? Did you share a BED?" OMG, no. But...we have. Like, on Christmas Eve when he stays the night so he can be here first thing on Christmas morning. And I suddenly realized how incredibly WRONG that sounds. Like, just massively dysfunctional. But seriously, I feel nothing for Babydaddy now, except friendship and fondness. There's no lust there at all. He's a hot guy, don't get me wrong. But too much water has gone under the bridge for me to ever want him back in my life in a romantic (or even just a sexual) way.

And obviously I would not do anything like that if I was in a relationship. I wouldn't want to make my partner uncomfortable by having my (admittedly hot) ex stay the night, whether it was in my bed (platonically!) or on the couch or in the guest room. So...does that make it less dysfunctional? If I wouldn't have a sleepover with the ex while I'm in a relationship with someone else? Or is the relationship thing irrelevant, and it's dysfunctional no matter what my romantic status is?

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