Thursday, April 19, 2007

Family updates

My sister called me this afternoon, and after only a couple of months in Portland, they're ready to buy a house! Their offer was accepted and they're hoping for a really short (30 day) escrow. She sent me a link to the real estate listing, and WOW! It is HUGE! It's over 2000 SF, in the area they love, with the school district they wanted, and it's only costing them a little more than my 1400 SF house cost me four years ago. *sigh* The bay area is so damned expensive, y'all. I'm really happy for them, though, and can't wait to visit. (Except I'll wait until the sun makes its annual brief appearance.)

Babydaddy and I talked a little more about putting Rugrat in school where he lives, and apparently he's very gung-ho about it, because he picked up a registration packet. (And brought it to me to fill out. Of course.) Turns out that the daycare is actually going to be cheaper than where we've got him now, but then again, he won't be in daycare when he's "off track" because there won't be any "tracks." He'll just be off for the summer (and likely here with me full-time).

I'm off to visit Dad tomorrow, hopefully smuggling some of the really awesome $200 scotch with me in my carry-on luggage. What? I'm bringing it in a container that is less than 3 oz., per airline regulations. We really need to have the fantastic scotch there, for the fabulous scotch tasting party. I plan to get my drink on with the papa-san. We'll probably sit up playing cribbage until the wee hours, and then bitch and moan Saturday about our raging hangovers.

I'm still not smoking. 19 days and counting!

And as for D....I am still smitten. Every day he says something or does something that just makes me melt. Today he told me that he saw a bunch of hot women in the grocery store and thought how lucky he was, because his girlfriend was hotter. Awwww. How can you not love that?

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