Monday, April 09, 2007

So in love

I am completely smitten. D came over yesterday evening after dropping off his daughter at her mom's, and he spent the night again. I am practically overdosing on love here - I just want to be with him all the time. Of course it's totally impractical, but it feels so good to have him around. Last night we vegged out on the couch, watched a little TV and worked on our knitting (did I tell you he asked me to teach him to knit? He's working on his first project: a scarf). My sweater is coming right along now; the front is nearly finished and once that's done all that's left is to knit the sleeves, sew it up, and finish off the neckline.

You know, I haven't been a snuggler since the early days of my relationship with Babydaddy. But for some reason, with D I just want to be rightupclose to him, even when I'm sleeping. And of course I want to make love with him all the time. We can't seem to spend the night together without having sex at least twice. I cannot believe that this kind of intensity will last, of course, but it feels damn good right now. It's the early part of the relationship: the other person hasn't disappointed you yet, and you're still getting to know all their little quirks and such.

As for the rest of the weekend, I went over to K's house on Saturday for a BBQ. C came over as well, and between the three of us, we polished off four bottles of wine. Dear GOD, that was a lot of effing wine. For some reason we went to Meenar's and I'm pretty sure someone slipped something in K's drink, because all of the sudden she was completely unable to stand on her own. C and T (C's cousin, who joined us later in the evening) and I all got her home safe & sound and held her hair back while she threw up. *sigh* I spent the night at K's, and on Sunday we attempted to go shopping in WC, but apparently just because some "dead" guy crawled out of a cave 2000 years ago means everyone has to stop their normal routine and go eat deviled eggs and ham all day. In other words, the shops were closed. I was pissed, and totally went off on a rant about "fucking Jesus" and his "fucking resurrection" and "goddamn showoff"...blah, blah, blah. What can I say? I really wanted to buy a new bra yesterday. Thank goodness downtown WC was like a ghost town, because I was in rare form. I am SO going to hell.

Even Target was closed, which I discovered when I tried to go get some more nicotine patches. Surprisingly enough, even with the HUGE amount of wine I drank Saturday night, I still managed to stay on the wagon and didn't have so much as a puff off a cigarette. So, yay for me! Nearly 8 days off the cigarettes now (and the last 24 hours without any nicotine at all).

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