Monday, May 21, 2007

Green light

Things went quite well this weekend, I think. Rugrat and I met Tomboy, D's daughter, and they got along pretty well. They kinda bonded over video games. ;-) By dinner, Rugrat was calling her his "best friend," so I guess she gets his big stamp of approval. And she didn't seem too put off by his hyperactive craziness. She's very smart, very precocious, and incredibly well behaved.

We had quite a long day together: Rugrat and I got there shortly before noon, and we all went to the Scottish Games together. Then we went back to D's house, played video games (Guitar Hero totally rocks), had cake and opened presents (it was Tomboy's ninth birthday - she's exactly eight months older than Rugrat), then went out to dinner and off to see Shrek 3. Like I said, quite a day.

So now we've been dating for about three months, and we've both met the kids, and the kids have met each other. Have I mentioned lately how really, really well things are going? Because they are. Really well. Last night D told me he wants to grow old with me. sweet is that? Of course this is after I fed him risotto and homemade peach-blueberry crisp, and we rolled around in bed for a while. What man doesn't want that for the rest of his life? A woman who will cook for him, do the dishes afterwards, and then jump his bones? I am so in love with this man, y'all. I could happily do that every day for the rest of my life, I think. In fact, the only thing that really sucks is how little I get to see him. We get maybe two sleepovers a week, and it's really starting to not be enough for me. This summer things will be better though - if we can just get through the next six weeks, we'll be golden. Tomboy is going on a cruise for a few weeks, during which time we'll have two weekends together, sans kids, and Rugrat will be spending the majority of his time at his father's house beginning July 1, since he'll be going to daycare out there and, in the fall, school out there. So D and I will have a lot more opportunities to be together beginning in July.

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