Wednesday, May 23, 2007


More flowers!
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I just feel really lucky, y'all. Every day I wake up and feel blessed to have this great guy in my life, someone who treats me like a princess and loves me just as much as I love him. Someone who I just seem to mesh with, perfectly. I am so comfortable with him. And so hot for him, too. ;-)

D came over last night, and we had a quick dinner and vegged out for a while on the couch (Veronica Mars series finale! AI final sing-off!). I was a little bit nervous, but I did it anyway: I gave him a garage door opener and a key. I knew that he would be fine and wouldn't freak out about it, but's just the stereotypical male response that I get stuck in my head, and I think to myself, "This is too much, he's going to run away." Of course he didn't. He even asked for a drawer. Kind of joking, but...maybe not.

We got to sleep in this morning since he had a late shift at the hospital today. I love this, because it means we get extra snuggle time in the morning, and get to be kind of lazy. In fact, he slept for a while after I got up. Wednesday is staff meeting day, so while I was on the call, he ran out to the grocery store to pick up eggs for the frittata I was making for brunch. And he came back with flowers. Because that is exactly the kind of guy he is. Beautiful pink and purple spring flowers (glads & iris). And I thought to myself, "What did I do to deserve this man?" I am just the luckiest girl in the world, I tell ya. And then he showed me again how he feels about me, this time in a way. ;-)

I think he may be the one I've been looking for, all this time. And wouldn't that be ironic, considering that we missed a chance to be together fifteen years ago? But maybe we needed that time, to grow up and make mistakes and find the WRONG people, before we could find our way back to each other and recognize that this is so right.

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